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Our cyber security services


Secure setup

The way your company’s network is set up and organized matters for security. We start by performing a network security audit based on best practices from industry leaders. Then we plan for potential fixes and discuss with you what works for your business and your goals for growth.

Equipment refresh schedules

Each piece of hardware has a lifecycle, and all equipment needs to be replaced over time. We look at equipment age, performance, as well as new technology and security features available to create refresh recommendations, plans, and schedules that would benefit you most.

Migration assistance

We have over 15 years of experience helping an array of SMBs and government contractors with migrations and troubleshooting of the latest and greatest technologies, including cloud, servers, Microsoft, Apple, Office products, and more.

Data security

Data is your most precious resource. It needs to be protected and handled with the utmost care. Everything from:
• Collection, storage, and encryption
• Employee access and transmissions
• Backups and contingency plans
· Protection from hacking, leaks, loss, and disasters
• Retiring, archiving or disposal, and record keeping

Processes and procedures

We don't just make a change and leave you hanging. We work with you to establish network diagrams, formal processes, and workflows in writing that improve IT operations. That way, your team can confidently take the reins when ready.

Compliance audits and certifications

Often in order to grow, your business will need to reach new security milestones and prove that you have all your ducks in a row. Together, we can gather evidence, submit formal and professional responses, and check all the boxes.


Leveraging IT automations and business software frees up your staff to spend more time on the bigger picture — moving your business forward.

Budgeting and savings

It's easy to lose track of IT spending. We look at your existing technology to make sure you are currently getting the best deals and are not wasting money on old or extra licenses or redundant software.

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