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What is cyber security?

What do cyber security specialists do?

There was once a time when cyber security was mostly about antivirus and antimalware software. That is no longer the case. The industry has grown leaps and bounds.

Something important to understand about technology is that historically, those who designed hardware, software, and applications mostly focused on ease of setup, ease of use, and speed. Security was rarely considered in the process. Now, many of us are suffering the consequences of those oversights in the form of increasing and more sophisticated cyber attacks, ransomware, and breaches. Because security was an afterthought for so long in information technology, implementing many industry security measures can be like trying to put toothpaste back into the tube — it’s not an easy task. That is where cyber security professionals come in.

As the industry grows and new cyber security technology is created, individuals and businesses will gradually be able to add more security softwares to their lineup. Meaning, similar to how most of us purchase and install antivirus software on our PCs, new security softwares will become more and more common for both individuals and organizations.

However, security softwares cannot replace experienced cyber security professionals.

These experts handle the cyber security things that require a human touch. They will:

•    Ensure that only the employees who need access to sensitive or proprietary info can see it, and prevent mishandling and abuse

•    Build sophisticated networks that protect sensitive or proprietary info

•    Comb through each and every one of your IT systems and equipment to identify risks and add layers of security through specialized configurations, encryptions, automations, etc. (The reason this is such a challenge is because no two pieces of hardware have the same user interface and capabilities.)

•    Monitor various software, applications, as well as user behaviors to catch malicious security events before damage is done

•    Test and monitor backups in the event of a cyber security incident

•    Migrate to updated or new and improved systems and software across organizations

•    Configure and manage an organization’s chosen security softwares in ways that satisfy requirements, protect privacy and proprietary info, and fit your company culture

•    And so much more

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